Dream Season.

No, not referencing this beautiful Autumn we’re experiencing here in Heartlandia — nor the KC Royals’ World Series year… I’m talking about my daughter’s first session of 6th grade volleyball. Annette and I assumed coaching duty this year as their previous coach moved and moved on. I’d love to say it was our coaching that took this team from worst to first, but I think we had the luxury of coming along just as the girls were starting to gel as a team and ‘get it’. Plus, we were observers for a couple years, so we had the knowledge stored as to what areas they needed work in. It all came together in spectacular fashion with them hustling, fighting and gritting out some very close wins to get to that 23-1 record. I realize this will be hard to repeat, but for them I hope they can look back on this season 20 years from now and tell their kids about “that one time”… Such a bright, athletic group of young ladies – it was an honor to be a part of. They earned every win. Earthquake!!!


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