Anticipation, culmination, misfortune

I must’ve manifested the outcome of my first ride on the Brodie. I usually think positive, but for some reason in the 4-5 years I’ve been dreaming of building up another aluminum 26″ wheel hardtail (or rigid, eventually – just used what I had for now), I just knew there was a good chance I’d go to all this work only to feel a little let down. I’m a visualizer, a dreamer. Sometimes that’s enough to keep me entertained. So I finally got this thing on its first test ride and it just feels all funky. Way too high in the front, fork too squishy, bars too straight, clinking going on in the drivetrain… The latter I figured was likely the ISIS bottom bracket, or the $10 rear wheel. As I test rode it on the trail the clinks became clunks. I tweaked the tension. Still there. Only after 10 miles and several standing climbs, I was rolling back home and looked down at my chain under load. The ring appeared to be wobbling & the chain catching. ??? So I pull over and flip the bike upside down and turned the cranks slowly through to feel where it’s catching. I’m there for a couple minutes, completely befuttled then 3″ in front of my face I finally notice the chainring is missing 3 of 5 bolts. Only two LOOSE bolts remain. Apparently the threads were too shallow or the mechanic mentioned he might have gotten interrupted during the build and just forgot to go back and torque them. Honest mistake, but could have been disastrous for the drivetrain, possibly the frame but most definitely my nuts. Saw a bunch of wildlife though, so not all is lost. Looking forward to ride #2.

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