Back in August during our trip to Colorado, it got down to 38°F one morning ride. When the body is used to Summer temps, this comes as a shock to the system. It’s usually 2-3 ~40° rides before I even want to think about getting outdoors once on a bike when it eventually gets below freezing. Then a couple of freeze-level rides before the body realizes it can handle a little bit more (less rather). Got in a good hour+ before the work week. 23° felt like a sweet spot. Two performance Tshirts, arm warmers, then a long sleeve wool jersey and I was fine and toasty. Toes are my worst problem, but they are expendable. Ride yer bike!

One thought on “Tolerances

  1. yeah, toes are the worse….been riding with pedals and boots, that helps a ton, till it gets into single digits, then after a few hours a brisk run for a few minutes really helps.
    I use a light performance T, a mid merino wool outer and a light wind vest (vented on the back) for 20 and above. From 10 and up I go with a full light wind shell (arms covered). Below 10…it depends on wind.
    I really try to keep the moisture out and prefer to go with a vest to help to wick the moisture out the arms/sleeves.

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