Gonna lose 10lbs this month, I can feel it. Or at least shift 10 from the wrong place to the right place. On this morning’s ride I was pleased to see another turtle. She’s a fairly old Red-eared Slider, and has lost a bit of her color/markings. I know I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like to intervene when I see a turtle on the road. I always thought I could be placing the turtle on the WRONG side of wherever she was heading. However in this morning’s case, it was 5:50am, I roll out of my neighborhood to meet my ridding buddy, turn down a main road and see his bluish LED coming 1/4mi away. Then I see a line of school buses crest the hill behind him, breaking from dispatch on their routes to pick up the high-schoolers… Then I spot something dark from the glare off the road ahead and it’s moving. I thought it was an opossum at first, because that’s pretty common, but as I passed it I noticed it was a freakin turtle – about football size and movin’ like she had somewhere to be. Well, her “there” to be was directly in the path of these 3 oncoming buses, so since God made us ruler of all the other beasts of the earth, I made an executive decision to circle back real quick in the dark (cars coming up behind me, too) and swoop her up. Anyways, a 6″ vertical curb was greeting her should she have made it through the gauntlet. There’s a small pond a block up the road (in the direction she was scuttling) so I pedaled her over and placed her in the grass near the bank. You owe me one, Nature. I’ll take a 20+mph tailwind on my next ride, I’m not picky. Ride yer bike! (and be nice to Mother Nature)

2 thoughts on “Septemburn

  1. what a guy! That is a big guy. Nice sunrise shots, as well.
    I saw what seemed to be an exorbitant amount of turtles out this spring. Big ol’ snappers digging holes or going to dig holes or returning from digging. In any case, on or near the roads. You wouldn’t have caught me picking any up though, not with those jaws!

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