SSKC16 was a fantastic event. More on that later if I have the energy, but one good thing is events like this bring out both the goofball riders and the […]

Seven Twenty Seven pt.2


Loaded 20lbs into my Marmot backpack and took a hike out at Lake Jacomo while my boy practiced soccer in an adjacent location. Humidity O2 restriction might prepare me for […]


This guy has it. Forty five miles on the road bike but I only took one pic. Too humid and overcast to take the time to pull camera out of […]

It is your Destin(y)


Fortunate to enjoy a week in Destin courtesy Annette’s employer (entire staff earns if meet goals). Kids growing fast. Take it all in and count every blessing.

June Two.


Been a high(er) mileage week in a long while. Feels good as fitness returns like a prodigal son of pain. I embrace him and prepare my fatted calves.

April Thirteen.


Finally got the BMC road bike tuned up after a derailleur snap last year. Also upgraded the fork to a 3T Funda Pro and new Michelin Pro4 tires. Forgot how […]

Controlled Growth

Jackson and I will be keeping Princeton Heights low and tight as soon as this baseball/soccer/school/volleyball overlap subsides. Starting out right, -$8.95 in the red. First $200 goes into a […]

Dyeing Eggs


Easter break came and went with the kids taking their turn at being sick. No eggs. No church. But the resurrection of Spring still rules all. Play>Work

Kings of the Ville 2.0


A little advertising goes a long way. Last year we had 4 riders. This year, 43. Seems like most everyone had a good day besides Micah, maybe. He made a […]

March Thirteen


A super duper Cooper’s hawk flew 5ft in front of me while I was cycling this eve. I’ve seen several immature ones up close but this mature version was beautiful. […]

March Two: A Different Beat


I’m enjoying these evening rides rather than the early morning miles I’ve mostly done these past several years. Great way to end the day. Of course, the sunrise wasn’t bad, […]

Cold Starts.


Hard on the old engine but once I got going it was a good three hour honorary induction ride as a member of the local Dirty Dog Race Pack. Great […]



At least our cat left it right out in the open for us to enjoy, and not under some furniture for us to discover olfactorily. You never know how much […]

Speed Paintings


I still recall my painting instructor back in college urging me to ‘loosen up’. I was always a good copy-er. I could draw what I see. And with a photographic […]

Dream Season.

No, not referencing this beautiful Autumn we’re experiencing here in Heartlandia — nor the KC Royals’ World Series year… I’m talking about my daughter’s first session of 6th grade volleyball. […]

November Eight.


Man, we’ve had a great stretch of Autumn weather here. Some may already call November “winter”, but it’s up there with my favorite months of the year.

Critter git’r


Huck woke me up before my ride alarm this morning. Sounded urgent. He found a cat. I put Huck inside and then released it – thought it made it to […]

September Twenty Seven


Sept may have started off nice, but crashes and more crashes have me banged up and not riding a whole lot. Still got in a nice Sunday stroll out at […]

Autumnal EquiNOT.


It all started so perfect and glorious. Venus opened for the sun. Then I took a corner two blocks from returning home and slid out in spectacular fashion. Like the […]


No new bike, but I just gained a riding buddy. Took Jack out for his first real taste of singletrack and it didn’t suck. +1

September One.


Some days (i.e. every day) it’s quite difficult to rise from the dark comforts of a 5am bed. But three miles down the road and all seems worth it. Today […]

July Twelve.

Went for a birthday ride to celebrate my great friend’s 48th year. Planned a 48-miler originally, but yesterday’s tired legs and today’s heat and headwinds kept us happily within the […]



The freedom to choose between a mountain bike, a gravel ride or road. Today, we chose road (gotta get climbing legs ready for Colorado) and got a few hills in.

Sweet Sixteen

This bike turns sixteen this year. She’s been a backup road bike for years in addition to road bikes taking back seat to mountain and gravel rides.


Just like life and relationships and vacations – the awareness seems most intense near the edges. The light of each day is the same. A fresh newness in the mornings […]


Was living with the sloppy shifting but my procrastination to get new cables and a tune up came back and bit me $$$ in a ten-fold way.


Been off the designated road bike for some time… Likely due to more and more distracted drivers, the newness of gravel rides, the preference to seize dry mountain bike trail […]

Limestoners v.10?

Been 10 years now since the Good Tom has been putting together some sort of Katy Trail gathering. Weather finally was perfect both days, although my fitness was not. Turtles […]


The weekend was about to go down without getting a ride in but headed out late today with by brother Ryan before the day was done. What is family for…? […]

Dawn Patrols

Gotta get back into 2-3 these a week. Once the mind is up, the body follows. So beautiful, the lightening hour. Ride yer bike! Huck likes it, too.

Hecho in Mexico

Wasn’t really looking forward to this trip until we actually got on the plane and had all our ducks in a row with kids’ sports, work, work, dog care, kids’ […]

New Trails

We’ll be venturing into new territory here soon – but for now I’m enjoying venturing onto new trails. Jacomo reminds me of Swope – with more vertical – not single […]


They hold things up. Things that we may or may not like to read or do. Some ends are simple, some elegant, some novelty. But they all do one thing […]

April joules

Got to put in some work to get a little faster. First dawn patrol ride this year… I’ll close the day the same way. Bookends! Ride yer bike!


Sometimes the main parts are fine but it feels like the bolts that hold it all together are failing. Tend to all your parts. Like the ants making their annual […]



Finally got this thing scanned – need to do it again because the ends picked up a different light angle than the center (have to scan in 8.5×11 tiles (8) […]


Spring came knocking on the door hard these past couple weeks. Frogs are singing. Birds are doin’ it. This tough boy is back to full-speed. A rare moment of stillness.


Sneaking out of work a little early after having to work late a few eves last week. Made the most of it.

Two Weeks.

Post-op. Doing fantastically well, considering they pulled this: out of Huckleberry. Here he is cheesing it up for a treat.


Been since 2007 CX nats that I’ve ridden in 10°F. Despite a flat within the first mile, managed to get 2 hrs in on some new trail.

Be My Velotime

Been a rough (ruff) week with the pup and all, so it was nice to finally get out even though riding a singlespeed through slightly-thawing grassy fields is a bit […]

Take a load off.

Take a load for free. Well, not quite free, but years ago I scored this Yukon Smith rack w/bench ad TWO complete 300lb Olympic bar/weight sets for $100 from a […]

First leg.

January seems to be flying by as usual, but my legs have felt better than they have for years at this early point of the year. Hopefully I can build […]

It’s cold.

How cold is it? It’s so cold Huckleberry’s chocolate soft-serve has its own Magic Shell (TM) within seconds. Great sunrises though.


The KC area said goodbye to a friend to all yesterday in the best way we all knew how. As we pass by each other each day, take moments to […]


I prefer to go outside and look under trees for gifts rather than wait for them to be wrapped and placed in the living room.

Ozark Mountain Redux

Weather was equally shitty as the first go round, but we made the best of it with a little ‘boost’ from it being The Season. Roller coasters in a misty […]


Been wanting to do this for some time, but time gets away while other things get in the way. So longer trips turned to shorter trips and earlier trips turned […]


First ride of the season below freezing. 27°F. I was sweating my ass off. Must be doing something right! Looking forward to riding all winter 15° and above… Jack was […]


They gave this season the wrong name. It should be called ‘Rise’. Great time to get up early and see the world. October skies always deliver.

Blood Moons.

Are pretty cool. Especially when you don’t have to set your alarm for 2:30am and stand outside in 30F to witness it. I did wake up at 5am, but got […]

Snipe Hunting

Got the kids fed, homework done before the wife came home from work, then set out around 9pm on the mountain bike. Sometimes you find what you weren’t looking for. […]

October challenge.

Got my push ups in during September. Now I need to focus on home projects and other creative construction. I keep looking at all the crap in twelve separate sketchbooks […]


It’s of no coincidence that these two words are separated by only a couple letters. So so tired this morning but the alarm shot off at 5am and I was […]


Ok so I did this 10,000 push ups in a month challenge. It was hard. About tapped out first week due to my elbow surgery metal bits feeling inflamed, but […]

Swoper Doper

Forgot how much fun (and challenging) Swope Park Trails were. It had been a couple years. Some new stuff on a new(ish to me) bike. Great trails here. Ride yer […]

7 years old.

Actually just one human year our Huckleberry will have been on this Earth. We’ve shared our tribulations. Nuts off next Monday (delayed a week due to work schedules).


Been tough to get UP these days. UP late. Too many push UPS. But these things make it easier. Look up.

Slow September.

Not too many rides this month. Too busy replacing expired appliances, travel for work, kids’ sports and of course, attempting 10,000 push ups in 30 days. Just for the hell […]

I’m always appreciative of any day I’m able to ride – no matter how the ride goes – just that I’m able to ride. Days like today though, I can’t […]

Old Friend

My first MTB was as significant to me as my very first bicycle. I have it back, now. We have big plans together, not necessarily with me riding it. Stay […]


Last couple mornings I almost needed arm warmers. Almost. Some good gravel on Sat, dirt on Sun. Diversify.

Clouds as mountains

I’m hurting to be in the mountains in a bad bad way. Planning for next summer, I guess. Thinking the San Juans this time: Hike Handies, Redcloud, Sunshine… Camp a […]

Dog days

Tough to get out early to beat the heat when it’s 80F at 7am. Good to play in the woods again. And Huck is running out of balls – we’re […]

Ready for some football

KC Royals in first place? In August?!? But the game is too slow. Huck would rather play football now that he’s destroyed two volleyballs and three soccer balls since his […]

HOT COOL Summer Nights

Taking advantage of these cooler days, got in more early morning ~60°F riding and drug the kids to go camping. Rides were good, camping notsomuch. Got plans rained out yesterday […]

Live (hard “i”)

Went to see Old Crow Medicine Show last week. Actually went to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops, but OCMS closed for them. Hands down the best performance I’ve ever been […]


Familiarity. It doesn’t have to mean boring or the same old same old… Often it is comforting. I like to think of the state park land behind my house as […]


Sometimes when I think I’m about to have an OCD moment, my ADD rises up and I think I’ll paint my mountain bike RAL#7023. Costco chocolate chips are delicious. Go […]


59 degrees this time of year sure feels nice. Except back in my hay hauling years working through the night meant for a chilly drive home from the fields. Rare […]


“Quantity is a quality all its own.” – some Soviet guy… This quote rings true with bikes and bike parts for me. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve rendered 3 […]

22° on 22

Looked up earlier today and there was a 22° halo around the sun. They are said to warn of approaching storms. That’s a bunch of folklore… right? Maybe. Huckleberry tried […]

Wyandotte Co Lake

Hard to believe I haven’t made this drive over to ride these trails until now. Landahl trails are my go-to, but WyCo felt like a little piece of the Ozarks […]

Solstice week

The length of a day is reaching its apogee – half way to Christmas. During the solstice, you can balance eggs on their side, they say. It works!

Huge Dump

of images… Just a Father’s Day weekend ride after taking the pup up to play at an empty park. I could get used to these 78°/57° days. Planned on a […]

In Under the Wire

Told my buddy I’d see my first road turtle before the end of May. Today paid off. Bike’s freewheel decided it didn’t like to be free (see last week’s rain […]

Katy Trailin’ 2014

So Tom’s annual Katy Ride went down to kick off this Memorial Day weekend. The Katy is like the good mother that always provides, always keeps you in line, doesn’t […]

Memorial Day week ride #1

Cycling = Freedom. Freedom ain’t free. Therefore, cycling ain’t free. But these new 45c Resist Nomad tires were kinda* free. *(part of an art:bicycle parts exchange) Let’s roll.

Mother’s Day week

Started off with these robin babies on our front porch. Impeccable timing. Morning rides used to be fun but they’re becoming a bit of a chore – esp when you […]

Tending to the nest.

I feel like this bird on our front porch. She probably wants to go ride her bike, but she’s got priorities at the moment, and needs to sit at her […]

Thrill of the Hunt

Kinda like bicycles – where it seems I tend toward enjoying the project or potential build as much as I do the reward of riding – morel hunting gets me […]


They kinda suck unless you make up your own. Today was about as absolutely perfect trail conditions out at Landahl as I have ever seen. Rode our normal loops backwards […]

New Bikes Day

Mom should have named me Steven. Life has a way of evening for me. Couple new old projects coming to me and back to me. Here’s a peeky:


Been a cool, wet, cloudy April for the most part, but we’re making the best of it. Hopefully my leg strength will flower come May.

Out Like a Lamb

A lamb named gale. Isobars were pretty stacked, but the winds have given us a much welcome taste of Spring. Winter was hard on all of us, right Huck?

Swim lessons

I remember my first swim lesson prior to my kindergarten year. Mr Titus was a Mr Clean – looking drill instructor. Kinda scared me a bit but he said if […]


One of my favorites from last weekend. And speaking of favorites, I’ve spent nearly 37% of my existing hours these past 4 months with this dog by my side. I […]

Throwback Thursday

My first and only installment on Throwback Thursday fad. My brand new 1999 Santa Cruz Superlight. Never got rid of her, and she’s getting resurrected this spring like one of […]

Forty Two


I’ve come to realize that I’ve been able to legally drink the same amount of years as I wasn’t. Time to party twice as hard. Here’s to many more, for […]



Huck’s getting tall. Counter surfing is his favorite past time. Using a few tricks myself while wrapping up another painting for a magazine. Bike-related of course.

Here comes the groom


Might have wasted 2 hours, but this was an attempt at grooming a couple miles of trail for hiking and biking. If I had some xc skis, this would be […]

Old Shoes


Something comforting about an old pair of shoes that are broken in, a little ragged, but you know every endearing hole and tear and don’t mind scuffing or dirtying them […]

Snow time…


Snow time left for you On my way to better things Snow time left for you I’ll find myself some wings… Snow (half) days are the best. Already shoveled 4″ […]



This winter’s turning out to be a heaping steaming pile of stink. Getting at least one ride in per week at least. Saturday was like riding over a giant bowl […]

New Year(n)


Feels good to start painting again. Feels good to start running again. Feels good to start riding again. Mind is in a much happier place than a month ago, mired […]

Velo+ Bike Art Show


Been working on a couple new pieces for a cool show coming up this Friday (1/17) at Velo+. Here’s a sneekypeek at the first of a new series I’m excited […]



Seems like days off from work usually go like this: much planned / little accomplished. Mostly because every time I take a vacation day off work a kid ends up […]

Cement Shoes


Feel like I’ve been submerged in work, home & family projects and obligations these past few months that a 55°F late-December day was too nice to pass up a ride. […]

Rudy and Me


What with all the trials and tribulations we’re experiencing with our new pup, Huck, we saw that Marley & Me was on last night and decided to finally watch it. […]

Dog Days of Winter


This pup is seriously cutting deep into my cycling/running fitness and ambitions. He’s in the “Hound of Hell” 13-15wk stage right now but showing glimpses of discipline. I’m starting to […]

Bike lights


While there’s a ton of bicycle lighting options ranging from $15-$1500, but nothing beats shutting it all down and riding under a free, bare-ass moon.



Back in August during our trip to Colorado, it got down to 38°F one morning ride. When the body is used to Summer temps, this comes as a shock to […]

Fog Days of Autumn


Yes, technically still Fall out there. Snuck in one last MTB ride before the bottom drops out on the temps later this week. Warm wet air out there tonight. Here […]

Gentlemen, start your ovens


Powder Puff Derby tomorrow. This pizza delivery needs sauced and cheesed and into the oven at 475° asap. My shop tools consist of one Ryobi 4.5″ angle grinder. Hot & […]

Coup de Grass


Between myself, my neighbor’s dog and The Arcade Fire, my newly-seeded, greenest-m.f.g.-in-Princeton-Heights suburban lawn is destined for defeat.

20 Years of Dirt


No, not a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band post, but I just realized it was about this time of year in 1993, when I had some summer hay hauling & bartending […]

Into the Night


Most of my dark rides are into the LIGHT (6am)… Another flipside ride last night was nice. Frogs singing. Territorial Horned Owl sounds. Snakes and spiders. Summer has her heels […]

Gangrene with Bike Envy


I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite contented with the bike stable I have, and very rarely do I look at another bike with any sort of want. Likely because I have […]



Something deep down within has been sparked and I’m going to make this month of riding both high quantity and high quality. Let us begin… 10/1

These old shoes


I’ve acquired some pretty nice bikes over the years. Nice shiny, colorful, titaniumey things. Saddles that smell of a rich leathery Shepler’s store. But sometimes it’s the runt of the […]



Gonna lose 10lbs this month, I can feel it. Or at least shift 10 from the wrong place to the right place. On this morning’s ride I was pleased to […]

Laboring Days


It’s hard to get up in the mornings, but this makes it worth it. Started running again. We’ll see how that goes, but my non-cycling leg muscles hurt good.

Dog days


Been keeping the nice camera at home and getting crappy results w/the phone cam. Tiny sensor is crap in low light, but here’s some nice grainy, blurry visions. Shorter days […]

Westcliffe Ride#3


Late getting this one up, but look at the pretty pictures! Might live out here one day. Not bad if you’re a huge fan of nothingness. I got lost in […]



Been a long time since I cranked out a painting (that I like). Personal work is most fulfilling, even though this eventually ran in a mag – it was first […]

Westcliffe CO Ride #2


Got an early start, then too busy taking pics so decided to go back, make breakfast for everyone, then head out again. Beautiful day then the requisite afternoon summer storms […]

Westcliffe CO (ride #1)


Awoke to the bloody Sangres and headed out for a whoopin’. 8500ft elevation taxed me more than I figured, but still got a good long 45mi in (that felt like […]



Jack’s working his way up some steeper hills and better handling the mileage. Over seven miles of gravel yesterday – couldn’t pass up the great weather! Ride yer bike! (with […]

Same old same old route


But never get tired of it. Especially in the lightening hour of the day – beauty is all around that you wouldn’t necessarily notice under a noon light. Ride yer […]

Katy Trailin’


Our May trip was postponed due to the nasty weather on the original weekend, and despite the potential for a miserably hot mid-July reschedule, it turned out to be in […]

New camera day


Not this day, but from here forward I’ll hopefully not have anymore of these grainy cell phone pics. And I can take pictures on the wheel again – operating a […]

Pleasant Hills


Shoulda went back out for some rare dry dirt again with the rains coming, but decided to roll straight from the house and get some gravel in. Need these long […]

Super Moon Madness


About to leave the house for Hannah’s recital this afternoon, and the neighbor boy comes running over from his yard goin’ on about a huge turtle in their backyard. Seems […]



Been some beautiful mornings this month. The wind may be our mountain to climb around here, but great cloud formations will always be my anywhere mountains to gaze upon.

Flipside rides


I rarely ride on the flipside of noon, but last night’s spin was nice. Again, it’s like riding a favorite singletrack loop backwards – same scenery but everything looks a […]

Two at a time


Once upon a time, For the Lord the skies they parted; So a few must die To bring us back to where we started. So, when the great floods came […]



Haven’t ridden a road bike since last July I think. Hard to get up in the mornings lately, but I forgot how fun (and light) a road bike can be. […]

Early to bed, early to ride.


Back at it. Gave up on the boot – this whole foot issue seems to be the same issue I’ve been having with my hamstrings/ITB/bicep/tricep/forearm/sartorius/etc for the past 10 years. […]

(re)Stumble Upon


I’ve been a little unproductive on the artistic front this past year (in regard to personal work), but I’ve been scouring the internets and nature lately to spark some sort […]



Figure if I can walk in this boot, riding will be even less stress. Sure enough, and it was worth it. Active recovery…



Still sucks. Kids get too much of it these days but I can see that it helps hold parents accountable. I’m having fun with Jack’s class animal project. We’re doing […]

Ok, starting….. NOW


Need to rest this foot but a day of cleaning the garage led to tinkering on the bike (fork oil exchange, invert my FU2 bars on the Edwin, fix several […]



Gonna have to take this foot thing serious for a bit longer. From today onward, I’m wearing this stylish boot I bought at Red Racks for $2.95. Special thanks to […]

Down time


Been having tendonitis/tendinitis in my foot since my last ride post (Kingsville). Saving my HSA deductible for the kids and have avoided making an ortho appointment to see if it […]

Route Scouting


Did some recon for the aforementioned KINGSoftheVILLE ride, and nobody wanted to join me. Despite colder than forecasted temps (30°F, 18mph winds), lack of sleep and poor nutrition (shoveled some […]

Traning Day #5


Skiipped out on a 30°F morning ride to sleep in finally. Afternoon was much warmer and the unusual time for me to ride made the familiar 42mi route seem newish […]

Training day #3


Yesterday’s ride was 45°F at 8am. A quick 20 on the gravel. Smoked some pulled pork out on the patio in the afternoon in shorts and tshirt. This morning I […]

Dirty Thoughts


It’s been over 5 years since I’ve ridden my bike 100 miles in one day. Longest ever was on a Katy Trail trip and we stacked a 135mi and 110mi […]



It was a great year. More traveling, more memories, more gravel, more singletrack, less pavement, more snow! Kicking off 2013 with another snow ride. Make it great, people.

Apocalypse Eve


Despite it being 24°F and a blustering RealFeel™ of 3°F, I figgerd I better get all the trail time in I can. Transformer blew near the office so servers were […]



Can’t help but get my ass out of bed any time a major meteor shower passes. This year was fantastic. Geminids are usually best seen here due to the cold […]



Decided to smoke a turkey for the upcoming gathering. Having never before done so, had to buy a smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain 18.5) and do a trial run with some […]

Hookie Monster


Been burning some vacation days and getting some good rides in. Everything’s dying out there but it smells so alive. Ride yer bike!



Couple times a year we gather as siblings and help Mom & Dad stock up on winter wood for the stove. Decided to ride the ~18mi out to get some […]

Lookin’ out my back door.


Sometimes I take for granted what’s right out my back door. Three thousand acres of James A Reed wildlife reserve. I think the drought this summer helped keep the normally-rutted […]

Good View


Made it out to Buena Vista for a few days over the Labor Day weekend. Ultimate goal was to be on top of Mt Huron with my good Lady but […]

George Hincapie


His left leg gets the most attention, but I always found it cool his other calf had a bas relief of the Paris Roubaix route. Sad he never won it.

Morning Glories


This morning, the sunrise delivered. I stopped beside the road and watched the waking firmament for several minutes. And I met a donkey.

SHARK Turtle Week


Exchanged the usual morning ride deer/possum sightings for a coyote and this guy. His posturing reminded me of the old Hot Wheels Hi-Raker™ collection. Get outta yer shell & ride […]

Road Trip


Drove the family down to Seaside FL for a little end of Summer vacation vacation. Took the bikes but got rained out for most of my intended early morning rides. […]



It’s been over a week now that we buried Rudy. It’s left a bit of a hole, for certain. One year ago during last summer’s heat wave, a little black […]

I could get used to this


Been spending much of my saddle time off road this year. Despite the shade from the heat wave and perpetually dry trails, the drought has certainly had its negative effects. […]

The Hardest Day


We laid our best friend to rest this morning. He brought such joy to this household with his loyalty, orneriness, playfulness and unconditional love for over 13 years. He rests […]



Cleaning the garage I found this guy hangin’ out, keeping the mice away. I love spiders.

Lost Another Good Guy


Got word this morning that good friend Chris Smedley has now lost his battle with the cancer. He leaves behind an echelon of inspiration and good deeds, helping the KC […]



Today was one of those perfect days. Perfect temperature, perfect humidity level, coffee tasted better, kid’s soccer game was funner, chicken on the grill was tenderer & meatier, then came […]

What Goes Around.


Had one of those strange sadly beautiful weekends. Took off early from work on Friday afternoon to meet my Dad out at my late Grandma & Grandpa’s farm. Most of […]

Go Fight Wind


One of those 42 mile rides that feels like 80. 30+mph gusts are our mountains. Friendly dogs. Too friendly? I need a shower.

Oak Groavel


Tagged along with Todd P who discovered some new gravel out northeast of Oak Grove Mo. Lafayette County has some good hills. Lots of farm dogs – the friendly ones […]

Bike Art Book


About a year ago, I was contacted by Greek street artist Kiriakos Iosifidis — of the Carpe Diem group in Athens — to be a part of their latest project, […]

Festivus got the bestivus


…of me, anyway. Took the $150 Craigslist Univega tandem I got a couple years ago out for it’s longest journey yet. Only a planned 25 miles. Weighed before I started […]



Got lots of cool parts that still need to find a home on one of my bikes. This one is so adorable.

Full Moon Monty


Nice weather (40°) for a little full moon (waxing gibbous, technically) gravel goodness on the Little Blue Trace last night. Pace was fast on the way out but Ye Olde […]

Gunn City Grandeur


Had fantastic weather and a fantastic group of 20 riders show up to wander around Cass county on a late October day. I had fun marking up the return home […]



Forgot my clear lenses that I usually ride with when cycling off road. Had some tinted cheap pair in the car but I decided to head out w/o eye protection. […]



Getting nostalgic, thinking about building up the old Roadster again. Been sitting for over a year – moved parts over from my BMC after the wreck but it mostly saw […]

Laboring Day


65 mile gravel recon east cass county. Battery died early, but snapped a couple. Accidently made my first crappy Youtube vid. Got home exhausted, drank some pickle juice, then family […]



Wanted to create a little more clearance for >35c tires on my Edwin cx frame, so I decided to get some tools out and gitrdone. Snagged a snipped link from […]

Pleasant Hilling GG recon


Did a little recon this morning for the Gravel Grinder ride I’ll host this winter. Beautiful morning. 50 miles of goodness. Stumbled upon some of the Katy Trail extension that […]

Pleasant Hills


This morning was one of those elusive rides in which one is graced with tailwinds for the entire ride. Small storm to the north of us gave a gusty ride […]



Haven’t been on a vacation for years, so my lady and I decided to drag our kids down to Branson in the 104° heat. Got a cozy little cabin with […]

Pee Hill


Found a pleasant hill near Pleasant Hill to ride this morning. Camels in Missouri are good indication it’s gonna be hot today.



My good friend Joe turned 44 today. So my gift to him? Get our asses up at 4am, roll out around 4:44am for a 44 mile sunrise ride before work. […]



I set another of my bicycles free today, and it returned the favor. Thanks to all the revolutionaries, emancipationaries, foreign warrionairies and current militaries that have fought and served this […]

Levee ride


Rode from Lee’s Summit with my buddy Joe up to check out some gravel I saw on Google maps. Metric century, °F a few shy of a century. The levee […]

New dirt


There’s a ~3 mile parkway extension in town that has yet to be wayed. I wish it would remain parked. I’ll get in some traffic free packed dirt roads while […]

Worth the wait


Hard to believe it’s been over a year since I posted about my new bike build – Edwin Cycles 29er SS. But this was in the shop getting assembled the […]

Katy Trailing


Got out with best friends, old friends and new friends on a little Katy out-and-backer. Booneville>Jefferson City>Booneville Just a photo dump for now, writeup to come…

cycling community


It’s an interwoven one. Last year I did some pro-bono work for a local startup Groody Bros Bicycle Restoration Project. They do fine powdercoating to give life to your favorite […]



Few years back I was setting up my company’s trade show booth up at McCormick Place in Chicago. Labor was showing up at 10am, so I got the early 8am […]



Finally made it out to one of the organized local Gravel Grinder rides. So much fun, I forgot it was hovering around 20°F the entire ride with a stiff headwind. […]



I’m usually late to everything. I need to change that. Just this past week, though, part of me has been early. Frequently. Not sure why I’ve developed a sudden PVC […]

Bed and Brunter stuff


Although my creative outlet tends to be the paintings and cycling related design, I still enjoy the jobs that pay the bills to give the kids warm beds to sleep […]

Riding music

I don’t ride with headphones for safety reasons, but mainly because nature’s music is better than anything made in a studio. I do tend to have songs in my head, […]



I’ll never be a bumpersticker type, but if you can’t – or just don’t feel like giving 110% each day – be proud of giving at least 50%.

Dream Cycle


Darren @ Dream Cycle in Vancouver is a cool guy with a cool dog and a cool shop that builds the coolest bicycles. Check out pics in the gallery. Not […]

Gaulzetti Cicli


My magazine artwork has afforded me exposure to many ambitious startups in the bicycle industry. I’ve enjoyed building relationships with each and every one, and continually am inspired by their […]

See Jane Ride


This original is a long time coming, part of a logo design I did for See Jane Ride Bicycle Tours. Fun stuff, finally coming together.



I’m thankful for great family, friends and to all those that helped pave the way for us to afford the blessed lives we live today. Here’s to the upkeep of […]