Dog days


Been keeping the nice camera at home and getting crappy results w/the phone cam. Tiny sensor is crap in low light, but here’s some nice grainy, blurry visions. Shorter days […]

Westcliffe Ride#3


Late getting this one up, but look at the pretty pictures! Might live out here one day. Not bad if you’re a huge fan of nothingness. I got lost in […]



Been a long time since I cranked out a painting (that I like). Personal work is most fulfilling, even though this eventually ran in a mag – it was first […]

Westcliffe CO Ride #2


Got an early start, then too busy taking pics so decided to go back, make breakfast for everyone, then head out again. Beautiful day then the requisite afternoon summer storms […]

Westcliffe CO (ride #1)


Awoke to the bloody Sangres and headed out for a whoopin’. 8500ft elevation taxed me more than I figured, but still got a good long 45mi in (that felt like […]