Cement Shoes


Feel like I’ve been submerged in work, home & family projects and obligations these past few months that a 55°F late-December day was too nice to pass up a ride. […]

Rudy and Me


What with all the trials and tribulations we’re experiencing with our new pup, Huck, we saw that Marley & Me was on last night and decided to finally watch it. […]

Dog Days of Winter


This pup is seriously cutting deep into my cycling/running fitness and ambitions. He’s in the “Hound of Hell” 13-15wk stage right now but showing glimpses of discipline. I’m starting to […]

Bike lights


While there’s a ton of bicycle lighting options ranging from $15-$1500, but nothing beats shutting it all down and riding under a free, bare-ass moon.



Back in August during our trip to Colorado, it got down to 38°F one morning ride. When the body is used to Summer temps, this comes as a shock to […]

Fog Days of Autumn


Yes, technically still Fall out there. Snuck in one last MTB ride before the bottom drops out on the temps later this week. Warm wet air out there tonight. Here […]