Forty Two


I’ve come to realize that I’ve been able to legally drink the same amount of years as I wasn’t. Time to party twice as hard. Here’s to many more, for […]



Huck’s getting tall. Counter surfing is his favorite past time. Using a few tricks myself while wrapping up another painting for a magazine. Bike-related of course.

Here comes the groom


Might have wasted 2 hours, but this was an attempt at grooming a couple miles of trail for hiking and biking. If I had some xc skis, this would be […]

Old Shoes


Something comforting about an old pair of shoes that are broken in, a little ragged, but you know every endearing hole and tear and don’t mind scuffing or dirtying them […]

Snow time…


Snow time left for you On my way to better things Snow time left for you I’ll find myself some wings… Snow (half) days are the best. Already shoveled 4″ […]



This winter’s turning out to be a heaping steaming pile of stink. Getting at least one ride in per week at least. Saturday was like riding over a giant bowl […]