Tending to the nest.

I feel like this bird on our front porch. She probably wants to go ride her bike, but she’s got priorities at the moment, and needs to sit at her […]

Thrill of the Hunt

Kinda like bicycles – where it seems I tend toward enjoying the project or potential build as much as I do the reward of riding – morel hunting gets me […]


They kinda suck unless you make up your own. Today was about as absolutely perfect trail conditions out at Landahl as I have ever seen. Rode our normal loops backwards […]

New Bikes Day

Mom should have named me Steven. Life has a way of evening for me. Couple new old projects coming to me and back to me. Here’s a peeky:


Been a cool, wet, cloudy April for the most part, but we’re making the best of it. Hopefully my leg strength will flower come May.