“Quantity is a quality all its own.” – some Soviet guy… This quote rings true with bikes and bike parts for me. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve rendered 3 […]

22° on 22

Looked up earlier today and there was a 22° halo around the sun. They are said to warn of approaching storms. That’s a bunch of folklore… right? Maybe. Huckleberry tried […]

Wyandotte Co Lake

Hard to believe I haven’t made this drive over to ride these trails until now. Landahl trails are my go-to, but WyCo felt like a little piece of the Ozarks […]

Solstice week

The length of a day is reaching its apogee – half way to Christmas. During the solstice, you can balance eggs on their side, they say. It works!

Huge Dump

of images… Just a Father’s Day weekend ride after taking the pup up to play at an empty park. I could get used to these 78°/57° days. Planned on a […]

In Under the Wire

Told my buddy I’d see my first road turtle before the end of May. Today paid off. Bike’s freewheel decided it didn’t like to be free (see last week’s rain […]