It’s of no coincidence that these two words are separated by only a couple letters. So so tired this morning but the alarm shot off at 5am and I was […]


Ok so I did this 10,000 push ups in a month challenge. It was hard. About tapped out first week due to my elbow surgery metal bits feeling inflamed, but […]

Swoper Doper

Forgot how much fun (and challenging) Swope Park Trails were. It had been a couple years. Some new stuff on a new(ish to me) bike. Great trails here. Ride yer […]

7 years old.

Actually just one human year our Huckleberry will have been on this Earth. We’ve shared our tribulations. Nuts off next Monday (delayed a week due to work schedules).


Been tough to get UP these days. UP late. Too many push UPS. But these things make it easier. Look up.

Slow September.

Not too many rides this month. Too busy replacing expired appliances, travel for work, kids’ sports and of course, attempting 10,000 push ups in 30 days. Just for the hell […]

I’m always appreciative of any day I’m able to ride – no matter how the ride goes – just that I’m able to ride. Days like today though, I can’t […]

Old Friend

My first MTB was as significant to me as my very first bicycle. I have it back, now. We have big plans together, not necessarily with me riding it. Stay […]


Last couple mornings I almost needed arm warmers. Almost. Some good gravel on Sat, dirt on Sun. Diversify.