Dawn Patrols

Gotta get back into 2-3 these a week. Once the mind is up, the body follows. So beautiful, the lightening hour. Ride yer bike! Huck likes it, too.

Hecho in Mexico

Wasn’t really looking forward to this trip until we actually got on the plane and had all our ducks in a row with kids’ sports, work, work, dog care, kids’ […]

New Trails

We’ll be venturing into new territory here soon – but for now I’m enjoying venturing onto new trails. Jacomo reminds me of Swope – with more vertical – not single […]


They hold things up. Things that we may or may not like to read or do. Some ends are simple, some elegant, some novelty. But they all do one thing […]

April joules

Got to put in some work to get a little faster. First dawn patrol ride this year… I’ll close the day the same way. Bookends! Ride yer bike!