The Hardest Day


We laid our best friend to rest this morning. He brought such joy to this household with his loyalty, orneriness, playfulness and unconditional love for over 13 years. He rests out back at the entrance to his favorite trail. You’ll forever be in our hearts and memories, Rudy. Your eyes spoke to us. Your tail laughed with us. Your heart loved with us. Godspeed and Dogspeed, my good, good Boy.

“It was the nature of his profession that his experience with death should be greater than for most and he said that while it was true that time heals bereavement it does so only at the cost of the slow extinction of those loved ones from the heart’s memory which is the sole place of their abode then or now. Faces fade, voices dim. Seize them back, whispered the sepulturero. Speak with them. Call their names. Do this and do not let sorrow die for it is the sweetening of every gift.” — Cormac McCarthy in “The Crossing”

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