Phoenixes and other stupid birds.


Been off the bike for a couple weeks. The pup is cutting into my pre-dawn ride ambitions because I don’t want to wake him up & have to deal w/the poo/pee time then breakfast. So I let him sleep. I let me sleep. I’ve put nearly as many miles RUNNING in as my last ride SINCE my last ride and it’s actually been fun. My high arches have been corrected orthotically and I wish I’d have figured this out (foot pain) 4 years ago but I just thought daily foot aching was part of getting old. Now I don’t wake up in the middle of the night wishing I could soak my feets in some salts or something. Hot wax. Gnaw them off. They hurt. Not acutely, just hurt. Just ran 4.5 miles (trail) yesterday and they feel like two warm buttery bowls of popcorn if the popcorn was softer like cotton and shaped like a foot. So, I’m back to running and it feels great not having fiery ashes under my feet. I’m also back to riding and snuck in 40+ mi of Cass Co gravel before the Chiefs kick some donkey butt.

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