Gunn City Grandeur


Had fantastic weather and a fantastic group of 20 riders show up to wander around Cass county on a late October day. I had fun marking up the return home with some stencils to aid in the map and cue sheets I printed up for everyone. Small glitch in the cue sheet sent the Texans off course (sorry!) but they found their way back on relatively quickly and finished the course a few hours after the rest of us rolled in. The three Texans had just come off racing the Berryman Epic (50miler mtb race) the prior day so they rode their own pace and had a great time.

It’s tough finding gravel close to the ‘burbs and to KC as we started, but I managed to link together some dirt, rail trails, country gravel and singletrack to keep it interesting, I think. Hope to make this an annual event, if only to pay respects to the fallen Old Drum.

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