Forgot my clear lenses that I usually ride with when cycling off road. Had some tinted cheap pair in the car but I decided to head out w/o eye protection. Not sure if it was the lack of lens glare or what, but I feel I had the best day ever out at Landahl park hitting everything technical – I could see everything so clearly. Hell, I was seeking new technical lines through trail I’d ridden 100 times through – just because I had the confidence to nail it. Huge wheelie-ups, wheelie drops, floating over roots & rocky embedded technical sections left a HUGE grin on my face all day long. Legs didn’t even feel the effort until the very last climb out to the parking lot after 2.5 hours of hammering. Flow.

Days like this are bittersweet. Sweet for obvious reasons, but clearly it’s gonna be so hard to beat.

Ride yer bike!

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