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It’s an interwoven one.

Last year I did some pro-bono work for a local startup Groody Bros Bicycle Restoration Project. They do fine powdercoating to give life to your favorite old shoes (bikes). One of the Brothers day job is at a printing company and had extra room on another client’s press run to print off a few of my past artworks. A thousand+ copies were donated to me and have sat in my storage, waiting for the right time to be paid forward.

Now’s that time.

My current race team shop owner and all around damn fine man, Chris Smedley, has recently began chemotherapy after being diagnosed w/pancreatic cancer. If you can make it by The Bicycle Shack, please pick up a set of my prints and postcards for a small donation of $5, and 100% of donations raised will go to help Chris’ family endure his fight. If you can’t make it by the shop, I can arrange copies to be mailed – just contact me at (me at kevinnierman dot com) and I’ll take care of you.

Chris has been a nurturer of cycling in the KC community for over 30 years. Chris is the best kind of people you would ever want to know. Thank you for the support.

Ride yer bike!

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