I’m usually late to everything. I need to change that. Just this past week, though, part of me has been early. Frequently. Not sure why I’ve developed a sudden PVC but I spent Christmas Eve afternoon in the ER ’cause it was concerning me. Had been fluttering for about a week and I’d never experienced them before (that I was aware of).

Anyway, they seem harmless enough. Go to see the Cardiologist in a week to get a specialist’s POV.

On a positive note, my bloodwork while in the ER came back showing high levels of billirubin. I’ve had this every time and always wondered if my liver was bad, because if you’ve ever tasted liver it IS bad. But the ER doc mentioned Gilber’t Syndrome. This explains so much. Now I have to search for other athletic individuals that have had the same muscle tightness problems post-exercise — likely due to my body’s inability to filter out some of the sugars. I’ve been trying to figure this out going on 10 years now, and it looks like I may have stumbled on the answer thanks to a tired ticker.

Time to ride the trainer for an hour and taunt the heart some more!

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