“Quantity is a quality all its own.” – some Soviet guy… This quote rings true with bikes and bike parts for me. In the past 3 weeks, I’ve rendered 3 rear road wheels useless. Two broken spokes and one EXPLODED rear free hub. While local trails are soaking wet and getting those replaced, my options were to snipe my wife’s rear wheel (changing cassette, tire, readjust derailleur – too much PITA) or dragging my old $40 Craigslist bike out. As likely mentioned before, this bike is an old shoe. She’s taken me across Missouri (named her Sacagawea and made a $1 coin head tube badge for) on a few occasions. Towed the kids around before they could ride on their own, and hung patiently and faithfully on a garage wall hook while many newer, lighter bikes get most of my attention. She might weigh 3 stone – but like a cheap lawn beer – she’s pretty darn refreshing when you’re desperate and nothing else around. Quantity has it’s place, and I think I got my money’s worth from this one fifteenfold. Makes shopping for a new rear wheel a little less painful. Ride yer old bike!!!

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