Katy Trailin’ 2014

So Tom’s annual Katy Ride went down to kick off this Memorial Day weekend. The Katy is like the good mother that always provides, always keeps you in line, doesn’t put up with any shit, kicks you out the door some days but always welcomes you back home. We all had our own stories of perseverance through the sun and rain and joy and pain, but those lessons are the tough love mom gives to make sure we stay on the straight and narrow. And like when you grow up and get sent off to college for that first time, Mom will pack you some homemade cookies or sneak your favorite stuffed animal from childhood into your suitcase to remind you of home… Katy sent us home with limestone grit stuffed into our hubs, derailleurs, socks and ass cracks. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Great trip with a great bunch of guys! PHOTOS HERE

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