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I’ve been a little unproductive on the artistic front this past year (in regard to personal work), but I’ve been scouring the internets and nature lately to spark some sort of renaissance that will get me painting again. Just now, I was inspired while cleaning the house of all things. Found these old linocuts and a slide project I did 20 years ago in school. The slides project was for us to work on a miniscule canvas then we’d present our works in critique on the projector. These have lost a little detail over the years getting scratched and banged around in moves/storage, but they were fun. I still look back and see I haven’t progressed much in the way of “loosening up” my art. Perhaps I just need to sit down with the paint and a board and see where it takes me instead of spending so much time in the concept/composition phase that I end up losing interest and never getting my ideas out. Or go for a bike ride.

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